BayNiche Conservancy is against the development of Industrial Wind Farms.
Industrial Wind Farms are NOT Green!
Industrial Wind Farms will not lower CO2 emissions!
Industrial Wind Farms WILL result in higher electricity bills and destruction of the environment.

An Open letter to Ontarians from B. Ashbee

To learn more about Industrial Wind Turbines and connect with groups in your area, please visit the following sites:

Wind Watch   (International)

Wind Concerns Ontario  (Provincial)

Ontario Wind Resistance (Provincial)

Lake Superior Action Research Conservations ( (Regional)

Wind Concerns Ontario Member Groups

lsarc's blog

To learn more specifically about the health effects of Industrial Wind Turbines visit the following sites:

The Society for Wind Vigilance

Wind Turbine Syndrome

For a scathing repudiation of Dr. Arlene King's report 'Potential Health Impacts of Wind Turbines' please read:

A response by John Harrison to the CMOH Report
An Analysis of the Epidemiology and Related Evidence on the Health Effects of Wind Turbines on Local Residents

Listen to Goldhawk's podcasts about Industrial Wind Turbines and Wind Turbine Syndrome:

Monday Nov. 1, 2010 interview with Dr. Nina Pierpont

Tuesday Nov. 2, 2010 interview with Dr. Michael Nissenbaum - More on health effects of Wind Turbines

Wednesday Nov. 3 2010, interview with Dr. Alec Salt - Negative Effects of Wind Turbines

Friday Nov. 5, 2010 interviews with Ross McKitrick & Eric Gillespie - Wind Turbines and Energy Sources

Monday Nov. 8, 2010, interview with Dr. Robert McMurtry - Wind Turbine Syndrome

Concerns with Industrial Wind Power and the Green Energy Act